19 Jun 2018

Hi Craig,

Hope all is well.

We have received a quote from the blind company we normally use and they are offering “perfect fit” as well as normal pleated blinds.
You have probably came across them and wanted your opinion on whether they affect the integrity of the window seal as they ( in case you haven’t seen them)
are blinds encased in a slim frame which fits to the window frame with very slim inserts slid under the rubber seals.
Before we decide I wondered what you thought and whether or not the guarantee might be affected.

We are very pleased with the windows and conservatory. The general exterior noise is significantly reduced and with very little rain noise on
the conservatory roof. We are also finding the house is generally warmer when it is cold and the conservatory stays cooler when it is warm outside, so all in all we are very happy with the project

Best regards,
Mel Hayes.

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