19 Jun 2018

Dear Craig,

Just thought that I would let you know that Dean came on Monday to finish the electrics and we paid him the £150. Presumably, there are now no outstanding charges and as far as you are concerned the job is finished. Please don’t forget that you will have one set of keys for the conservatory doors – just put them through the letterbox if you wish but can you let me know that you have done so because we won’t be up there for a few weeks.

As you know this wasn’t the easiest of jobs. We had approached a number of builders about the work and you were the only one who gave us the confidence that the problems of the existing conservatory would be resolved. It was never going to be a standard construction and required a flexible approach by somebody who could produce a good thinking solution in a difficult situation. Now that the painting is largely completed and the lights are working we would just like to say that we are very pleased with the outcome. I really don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t been recommended to us.

I am quite happy for you to use the above on your website if you wish and of course, you are welcome to photograph the finished product.

Thank you once again.

Best wishes (and a Happy Christmas).

Richard and Liz Dobson