Roof lanterns or custom skylights are an architectural feature that can really turn a run of the mill conservatory or orangery into a thing of beauty, summoning up older images of classical architecture whilst helping the space fuse with the outdoors.
Roof lanterns Derbyshire embrace the Scandinavian priority of natural light, letting you really make the most of your room, and creating the kind of space that presents feels more like being outdoors than in.
The whole point of a conservatory is creating a warm, welcoming space that you can use year round while feeling like you’re in the garden. A roof lantern Nottingham provides additional light and even more views of the outdoors and sky, making for a potentially beautiful addition to any space.
With a huge amount of combined experience when it comes to designing and installing roof lanterns, we’re able to come up with a design solution that enhances and builds on your existing property.
We can build a roof lantern that lasts many years to come, becoming a true feature of your home, while maintaining complete energy efficiency.

Design Options

It’s a rare orangery or conservatory that wouldn’t benefit from a well-designed and installed roof lantern. With so many design options out there, from starker, more modern designs, to more classical, elaborate traditional options, there’s a whole lot of design flexibility out there, and we can help you come up with an option that works fantastically for your home.
With so much combined experience and many successfully completed projects, we can take a look at your property and help you come up with a design that works for you, both aesthetically and functionally.
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Flood your home with natural light

Imagine creating a stylish new living space that’s flooded with natural light.

Imagine an inspiring contemporary design feature that will not only enhance your lifestyle but add value to your home too.

Some would call it the ‘wow’ factor…

We call it Skypod® skylights, an innovative pitched skylight that’s been created for today’s style-conscious homeowner.