Upvc products are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. Apart from the odd wipe down with soapy water every now and then, once your products are installed you won’t have to worry about further treatment or maintenance.

Upvc is an extremely thermally efficient material and can make your home more efficient than aluminium and timber windows can.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that so many people opt for Upvc products is that they are usually the budget option compared to aluminium and timber, plus they are becoming more and more “wood like” as the systems progress.

All our Upvc window and door products are Kommerling Upvc which is currently the most asthetic, highly credited and quality controlled system available in europe. Most of our Upvc Conservatory roofs are Pinnacle by Eurocell which is the strongest roofing system available and is particularly suited to glass roofs and lanterns


Timber products can be more versatile than Upvc and aluminium windows.
Not having to work within such set manufacturing systems you have greater freedom over the style and overall look of your home.

Timber products arguably look more refined, sophisticated and ‘tasteful’ than Upvc and aluminium options. If your home is an older, traditional or rustic property then opting for timber windows instead of Upvc or aluminium may help retain your home’s character and appeal although there are many exceptions to this.

As timber is considered to be a sustainable building material because it is derived from a renewable source, installing wooden products will mean you are diminishing your carbon footprint more than if you opt for Upvc or aluminium (as long as you avoid tropical hardwoods).

We use and recommend a timber called Accoya now for 90% of our timber projects as it is simply the most sustainable, stable and durable timber available. It comes with a 60 year service life and is available with a 12 year guarantee on the paint or stain finish. We do however offer all other common hard and softwoods.

All our timber products are availible factory sprayed in our Sikkens paint/stain system and can be colour matched to your existing colour, Farrow & Ball or any RAL or BS colour.


Aluminium products are structurally stronger and therefore allow for a greater glazed area per aperture in contrast to Upvc and timber.

Powder coated aluminium is one of the most durable finishes available. It won’t discolour, rust or peel, giving it a long-lasting, attractive appearance that is available in any RAL or BS colour.

Aluminium is particularly suitable for Bi-Folding door sets because of its strength and stability which can be problematic in Upvc and less stable timbers.

We recommend both Schuco & Smart systems for their outstanding strength, aesthetics and durability.


Composite entrance doors and French doors are a far more stable and thermally efficent product than Upvc Doors. They are also more “timber like” in appearance and texture.

The Solidor Collection is an outstanding range of laminated timber core composite doors. They combine classical styling with a full range of “Secured by Design” locking, which provide a stunning, high quality and secure composite entrance door to any home.

These exclusive Solidor doors are available in a wide range of style and colour options, robust thermo plastic skins, and the best hardware available to compliment your Solidor door.


We recommend Saint-Gobain Planitherm glazed units because the thermal insulation provided by low-E double glazing is three times more efficient than that of standard double glazing.  PLANITHERM products are the ideal low-E solution to meeting and exceeding the newly revised Building Regulations energy efficiency requirements.

PLANITHERM products use a special coating to reflect heat from domestic heat sources back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time, this coating allows free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room and further contributing to the energy efficiency of the windows and helping to reduce your energy bills.

The PLANITHERM range can be combined with many other Saint-Gobain Glass products, providing a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options, including:

  • Self-cleaning and/or solar control glazing

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Safety and security

  • Obscured and/or decorative glazing