Sometimes we need a little more space than we have available, and a simple shed is never going to be the ideal solution. What you need is a bespoke, stylish and fully insulated garden room, customisable to any activity you want it for.
That could be a home office, dining area, workshop or even a home gym. The possibilities are endless, and we can build it for you.

Fully Insulated and Powered

A garden room can be so much more than a big shed! Picture a lovingly crafted and designed structure, complete with full insulation and electrics hooked up. The fact is, with insulation and power in place, you’ll be able to use it year round, even in the midst of winter with a little heating.
In the UK, we end up ignoring our gardens for at least six months of the year, as the weather gets too grey or miserable to step outside, but with our garden rooms, you’ll be able to spend time out there all year round. Whether it’s a dedicated hobby, activity room or entertaining space, a garden room can be the ideal solution.

Style Meets Functionality

There’s a huge range of style options and ideas out there when it comes to garden rooms, so there’s no doubt in our minds that together we’ll be able to come up with the perfect design to compliment your garden.
Whatever style you want to evoke, from Nordic to Oriental, we can come up with a design that meets your functionality needs while really building on the overall style of your garden. Contemporary garden rooms Derbyshire, UK, can be spectacular, from rustic charm to modern edge, the possibilities are huge.
They can also be designed as an extension to your home or an existing structure. Getting a garden rooms extensions Derbyshire, UK can allow you to capitalise on your garden to really make the most of your property.

Whatever You Need it For, We Can Build It

If you’ve got a lot of garden and you’re looking to enjoy it more, a garden room could be absolutely perfect. There’s no getting past the fact that having a fully insulated, stylish space away from the home can be a real luxury, allowing you to get a range of activities done.
One of the most popular uses for garden rooms Derbyshire, UK, is as a home office. With more and more people working from home, it makes sense that they’d want somewhere dedicated to get their work done. Plus, it can be hugely beneficial separating your living and working spaces.
They’re also great for hobbies, from rehearsal and practice spaces if you’re musical, to extensive workshops and crafting spaces, to setting up the perfect home gym.

Maybe you just want to make a bit more of that garden space and dine al fresco a little more? They’re ideal for that too! In short, whatever you’re needing a garden room for, we can build it.

From simple, rustic spaces to bigger, modern projects, we can handle the design and construction of a range of contemporary garden rooms. Give us a call for a free consultation and advice today on 01773 607118, or drop us an email at