When it comes to your home’s fascias and soffits, you want to know that your roof and outer walls are completely watertight, secure and protected against all manner of weather.
With plenty of design options, finishes and material choices out there, we’ll be sure to find the perfect finish for your home. Whilst you might consider fascias and soffits to be a fairly minor element of your property, the right options can really change the overall look of a home.
First off, what exactly is a fascia? The fascia board is the part of the roof that supports the gutter and connects the bottom of the roof overhang and the outer walls.
A soffit is the board that goes underneath, frequently featuring ventilation. The fascia can change the way the overall roof looks, and the soffit is very visible from street level, meaning these combined can very much change the overall look of the top of your property.

Aesthetics and Materials

We provide a variety of materials, designs and finishes, allowing you to really select the option that best suits and improves your property. From wooden options to UPVC in a huge range of finishes, we can provide the fascias and soffits that really work for you.

Our Experience

Having installed a huge range of fascias and soffits Derby on a variety of properties, from more traditional styles, to modern homes, we’re equipped and qualified to help you select and install the best possible option for your home.
The right fascias and soffits can absolutely change the look of a property, making it an ideal upgrade before a sale, or perfect if you’re just looking to sharpen the place up. Drop us an email at craigfullwood@mac.com, or give us a call on 01773 607118, and we’ll get back to you for a friendly chat and a no-obligation quote.